Our Story


How does one bite consist of the right amount of ingredients, measured to the smallest detail, in order to sooth your taste buds with all that's good in the world? Well, the secret recipes to all our goodies are hidden deep in the midst of an unknown location, where a group of the finest chefs gather and release their creativity.

The Story of Al Qamar

Al Qamar is a classic story, a tale as old as time
The sun bids farewell and the moon begins to climb
The noise, the traffic, the people that hustle
all calm down as the trees begin to rustle

Your stomach begins to grumble, a sign to go back
and all you can think about is to stop for a snack
You arrive home as you feel that pull
you have your dinner, but you're still not full

You glance at the box in the corner of the room
it's lit by the shimmers straight from the moon
You open it and take a bite
what is it I hear you say?
Why it's a box of Al Qamar
here to make your day!