Baklava is a traditional sweet that has been there since the 8th century. It was known as a delicacy accessible only to the rich. Today, Alqamar has mastered the know-how of how to make the perfect Baklava, offering a wide selection of the best Baklava in Dubai.

Our Baklava is made fresh using crispy, paper-thin layers of Phyllo dough. The Baklava is filled with the finest roasted nuts of Cashew, Pistachio, Peanuts and Walnuts and smothered in sweet syrup, to offer the best scrumptious hand-made Baklawa in Dubai. Alqamar offers 6 different types of Baklava, with variations in the nut fillings.

You can select from the traditional Bilbol nest (threads of phyllo dough shaped like a nest, with premium nuts inside), Kitaa (a layer of nuts between two crunchy layers of dough), Bokaj (an aesthetic baklava with phyllo dough protruding, giving it the shape of a flower), Kol w Shkor (a roll of dough filled with premium nuts), or you can opt for the more dense options of Mabrome and Balloria.